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>Hmm so I might be stupid

I just posted 3 entries to GD 1 blog and I didn't mean to but hey thats not a big deal copy and paste and delete and it's all better right? Yeah for the most part it is. Now one of the things that worries me is that is says VISC 314 and I thought it was 304 and as minor of an issue that might be it is a sign of my own trouble reading numbers and I'm not keen on that getting in my way right now.

I still have not gotten the internet at my home yet and I feel as though I never will and I don't see there being time to even pick out a cat until spring break. I've got plenty of time for the cat thing since I spend so much of my free time there working I just can't justify the time to go look and it's hard to choose. Why am I looking forward to spring break as a chance to organize things and work more and not a break? And on top of it all I now have the money to print my process book for the Summerfest project and I've gone and gotten better ideas so I have to see if I can get those all sorted out tomorrow in time to print the damn thing tomorrow.

But at least all my bitching and rambling is helping me fight back towards my blog post a day for the year, now I'm only 2 weeks behind I think LOL.