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>Bruce Mau Design

>the Incomplete Manifesto

So reading this for me was pretty awesome maybe more because I do a lot of these things already and it's gratifying to know some one else does the same thing. Mau seems to be a pretty colorful guy, leaving school early to design and then working for Pentagram in London and then starting his own design firm and during all of this he helped develop and define a modern form of design. I'd have a drink with hm.

I think I want to make mistakes faster and I'm not going to enter any Design competitions, yeah I know thats 2 things but I figure I owe a second one on account I should have had this up last week(I think). These last 2 projects I've worked on this semester felt kinda stagnant and I feel like I need to be producing more shit. I need to just turn things out even if they aren't good just to see what I can milk out of my head. All of that kinda related to other things Mau said as well.