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>Writing For Visual Thinkers

>The concepts covered in this booklet are those of idea generation and development through the use of words in the context of creating the visual. One of the most common methods are the mind mapping and free writing. I like the use of both in conjunction with my sketch book.

Mind Mapping - This is like a dynamic word list you begin with a central idea and begin to branch off writing associated words and then you branch off of these words and ideas. In the end it looks like a flowchart from hell and some of the ideas are no where nere the original and that is really the reason for this exercise. As designers we by nature have to be divergent thinkers we can't settle on the one solution but must accept there might be multiple solutions and explore those options.

Free Writing - I think every one in the U.S. has had to do this at one poitn or another in grade school. the concept is simple but I find it frustration at times. Here's how you do it. First you begin to wrie about the core idea or problem and then you just continue with what ever comes to mind even if it happens to be "I can't think of anything". And at that point it kinda fallas apart from me because I begin to think about all the things I can't think about and get nowhere. But if I do the mind map before and think about some of the core contexts then I can come up with more valuable insights.