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Audience #1

Age – 18-22

Sex -M

Education – High school, in college

Interests - Just leaving for college or currently enrolled. Some what sheltered before just starting to explore past the boundaries of his parents house and his neighborhood. Is interested but not successful in relationships and has up until this point read fantasy and science fiction. He thinks that Empire Strikes back is the best of the Star Wars movies. Enjoys gaming preferring strategy over first person shooters. He wants something intriguing and profane and something that looks more adult like.

Audience #2

Age - 20-30

Sex –M/F

Education – Some college

Interests - College student or post grad that has been forced to read endless amount of books on boring topics but still enjoys reading. Has been playing world of war craft and living through relationships that fill the voids of time. They want something contemporary and edgy but grounded in reality. They enjoy meal out by themselves and prefer wheat over white bread.

Audience #3

Age – 30-35

Sex -F

Education -College

Interests – Some one looking for excitement but lives in a quiet setting. Likes crime dramas and forensic shows. They are now in the twilight of their youth and work a 9 to 5. Evenings are often shared and they have a great love of barroom trivia. Previously they had read Whitman and Miller and those writers had stuck with them. They like watching other people do stupid things and living vicariously through the contestants on reality shows.