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>Dieter Rams' 10 principles of good design.

>I really feel kinda dirty trying to summarize this. This si like someone saying to summarize the 10 commandments something so distilled and pure and you want me to make it even more concise? Well I guess I should just try.

Good Design is Innovative: The design should bring something new and progressive to the table. Use what technology you can and don't shy away from new materials and processes.

Good Design Makes a Product Useful: The design should improve the functionality of the device. What use is the design if it doesn't offer anything additional to the user experience.

Good Design is Aesthetic: I guess this should be pretty obvious, there aren't many cases when you design something to be repulsive.

Good Design Makes a Product Understandable: The design should lend to the purpose of the device. The ultimate use and operation of a device should be reflected in it's design.

Good Design is Unobtrusive: This one has been lost on most I think. Te design of a device should not overshadows it's use or cause it to be a source of attention. A well designed lamp will be noticed but will not become a focal point.

Good Design is Honest: Design shouldn't exaggerate or lie about the ability of the device. This is something I commonly see with heavy duty labels and rubber bits and yellow coloring.

Good Design is Long Lasting: The idea that what you design remains relevant. This also means you have to forgo popular fads when designing to avoid dating your work.