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>Wayne Thiebaud


Wayne Thiebaud has for many years re-created many of the things that people with a sweet tooth crave. His work is best viewed in person with only one of his pieces in the room. Some of his best known work has been of pastries, cakes doughnuts and pies. His style is rich and sculptural. There is a gestalt effect when viewing his work the colors aren't what you'd expect to be used when you inspect his work closer. Thiebauds pallet is bold and applied like you would expect a cake decorator to do, thick, super thick.

Aside from his food he is known for still life and portraiture where he uses the same technique. In a series of pieces featuring his wife some criticized how un idealized he had portrayed his wife. He often exaggerates contrast with neon greens mixed in with purples alone a thick black line. In his work you can find the execution of a complete color theory class.

Thick, Rich, Eatable, Bold, Brushwork, Colorful, Gestalt, Pop