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>Sergio Leone


Sergio Leone is nown known to be one of the best directors of the western genre and a master of the wide frame and sound. Early on he was known as a thief or not known at all. In his first movie A Fist Full of Dollars he blatently ripped off Kirosawa's film Yojimbo. Going with the western genre instead of the feudal Japan in Yojimbo. Leone made use of lighting and sound and interesting people to flesh out his movies. If you were to eliminate on of these it would cease to be a Leone film.
On Once Upon a Time in the West a grip climbed up a two story wind mill to oil it only to have Leone yell at him to leave it the way it was even though there was protest that is made too much noise. That element played into the pacing in the opening scene. Often he would used sound in place of dialog and there is a conservation od dialog though out his movies.His career was reletivly short but has influenced many of our current directors and genres.
Gritty, Squeel, Whine, Guns, Vistas, Close up, Old West, Criminals, Conflict