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>David LaChapelle


Nearing 30 years of publishes work LaChappelle has pushed photo media and the viewers ability to take it all in to the brink. His work is often high in contrast and rich in visual texture. Looking at his work you can see a hyper active visual style that crams the frame full of visual information and sub text. His portraiture is renowned and sexually charged to the point of desensitizing the viewer to it as well.

LaChapelle has for many years been working in music videos and commercial advertising giving us a candy land world with dramatic lighting and rich settings. It can be said there are two worlds when you look at his work, the one you physically occupy and then the places where your mind now resides. Life looks so much more dull after looking though one of his books.

Sleek, Shiny, Bright, Loud, Chaos, Pop, Surreal, Beauty, Sexual, Eye Candy