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Define the word “grid” The grid is a system of subdividing the space of a page with uniform organization.
Why do we (designers) use a grid? What are the benefits or functions? The grid allows us as designers to to maintain order and hierachy in our design. The benifits include
What is a modular grid? The modular grid is the use of the gridsystem for proportioning and placement but does not explicitly conform to the underlying grid.
Define and illustrate: margins, columns, grid modules. flowlines, gutter: Margins are not printable areas, Columns are the main vertical element in the grid commonly used to organize tye in newspapers, Grid Modules span columns and vertically and horizontally to hold Text and or images, flowlines subdivide the page vertically similar to the gutter, gutters are normally vertical spaces inbetween columns used for spacing elements.

Define hierarchy Elements that appear to advance forward vs those that recede is an example of hierarchy. The more an element advance the higher it is in the heirarchy. The term is often used to illustrate what you want to viewer to notice first, second and so on.
Define typographic color (this does not mean color as in change it to a color) The changes in weight, texture or value and rythm. These changes change emphasis and can gibe the illusion of the type coming off the page or receding into it.
What are ways to achieve a clear hierarchy?
Used of different typefaces, line weight and placement on the page can all be used to achieve hierarchy.