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>Catching up 8-25 Type and how to measure it.

>Alphabet Variation

  • Type weight - Type weight is a product of the stroke(width)
  • Type width - It is the width of the type from side to side
  • Type style - are variations on a font and still in the same font family, ie. black, ultra and old style

Measuring Type

  • How is type measured in inches, mm, points or picas
  • Point - is the smallest form of typographical measurement 1/12p or 1/72"
  • Pica - a typographical unit of measurment, 1/6" or 1/76'
  • How many points in an inch? - 72
  • If a letter is set in 36 pts about how many inches tall is it? .5"
  • How many picas in an inch? - 6
  • How many points in a pica? - 12
  • X-height - is the maximum height of a lowercase character
  • Cap height - is the maximum height of the uppercase character, it is also the maximum height for the typeface.
  • Leading - is the spacing between lines of copy