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>Attack of the Lepus


So I have to create icons for an animal, and I chose rabbits. Not just rabbits but hares and bunnys as well. I did an intial set of skecthes with out photo reference and some explorations with sand and chalk. The chalk was more of a whim and since I found the chalk and remebered that there are white rabbits thought it was a good idea to try it out. The sand was a chance happening, I saw the sand and thought of the enviroment of the hare or jack rabbit(I think they might be the same). I found the sand to be a lot of fun to use, I tried to funnel it from my hand and avoided touching it with my fingers so it's like a Rabbit our of time(hourglass).
Rabbit fact: Rabbits are born hairless and eyes shut, hares are born with hair and eyes open.