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What do you need to go to Design School?

IMG_9575When I left the US to come over here to study I was faced with a hard question of what to bring. If you are familiar with any study of the arts there is a lot of junk you need and I do mean junk. Most of the time we are forced to buy things that are single use and that becomes really wasteful. So I brought what ever would fit in a small art bin. And it wasn't enough. When I get back home I really want to catalogue all the shit I have been told to buy. And the worst part about it is that you really can't get rid of any of it because once you do you need it and this is really not healthy. I think it would be helpful if student had a comprehensive list of suplies that they will need over the course of their college careers. Maybe then there wouldn't be as many surprises down the road. I think the avg design student will use about $10k worth of supplies(including computer) and really in the end that means that almost $8,000 is just thrown out. Damn that hurts to read.