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A return to Redux and some of the results.

This project began when I was planning my Trip to Europe. I would be there for 5 months and in fact I still am in Europe. When I left off I had just purged my books. I then mooved onto my clothing. I'm not much of a clothes horse but I had a lot more than I thought I did. It was really rather shocking as I piled to cloths in the center of the room. It just kept growing and growing. I began with the button ups and just tried the ones on that I still like the look of and if I didn't like it in the mirror I made a quick judgement not to be looked back on. One of the methods I used was thinking about the last time I wore it. And really so many of them I hadn't worn in a long time so it went quickly. I started with:

1. Closet and 3ft wide jammed

2. Four large organizers about 12x10x14

3. One large under bed storage thing.

And in the end well check this out.

I allowed one of those bins for t-shirts. The hardest part was coats. The weather in Kansas is varied and so sometimes your coat is either too heavy or too light. I kept one coat and a Jacket and purchased a 2 piece coat from Columbia that functions as 3 coats. The reduction in area taken up was rather impressive. But why did I get rid of so much and go and buy a new coat? Well the thermal rating was basically good to almost freezing and it functioned as a raincoat and a wind breaker or just a fleece jacket. So when I'm traveling having all three options at the ready is really great and I estimate is cut the coat and jacket space in my luggage by more than half. I will admit it really isn't my style at all but it was a worth wile sacrifice in the end.

So how much did I end up getting rid of though? I would say it was close to 50lbs for cloths and there were about 4 coats and jackets. I promptly donated them to a local shelter. And really just skip those places that will buy your clothes you aren't going to get much out of them and if you do donate them they can be used to help someone stay warm, look better for a job interview and even just be used to raise money for other social programs. But avoid donating crap, if it's falling apart throw it away or recycle it but don't waste the time and space of your local charity.