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>The finish is in sight


So I should be a little happier but I'm really drained I have zoomed through and updated my blog with just about everything I needed it to be updated with. I wish I had gotten to it earlier but the lack of internet connection at home really put a cramp in my style and before I knew it I was behind. But hey I'm back and I don't have that much work I want to get redone for review. They say those that make lists are more liekly to complete the tasks so here is the list:

Reprint: Cycle poster and extras for summer fest
Print additional stuff for badlands(ie pocket, booklet, poster and stickers)
Badlands process book, yeah that one fell apart last time so I might want to ge that together and I almost forgot I need to reprint the ad I made for my packaging project(and do some behance uploading)
And I need to print some CDs!!

All in all not a bad bit of work to get done, I think I should be able to knock it out in no time and the two booklets I'm getting printed at kinkos so it can be duplexed and thus save me time and thank god I found the templates that I wasn't able to find before to format this crap properly.