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>Journal 14 Inspiration

>I had many inspirational moments, I would say the first was the books that Andrea brought in or told us to buy, I'm a sucker for reference and eye candy and when the two meet I loose the ability to not justify the cost of the books. But I think we also had some good moments with hallmark I like hearing the stories of different professionals how they made it.

But I would say I supplied myself with my most inspirational moment, I do a lot fo reading and researching on the sides and I was already familiar with the TED talks and then found out I can get them like pod casts and digest 1 or 2 a day and I love the diverse groups they bring in. I would also say my tolling around the internet and design blogs has paid off great as well I've found some companies that really interest me and I am starting to see a direction to all this madness.