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>What in the hell is Chamber Music?

>Okay I'm going to been quick and dirty about this, A classical for of music for small arrangements. So you could think of this like symphony nano. And this is the more friendly version of arranged music very intimate and creates a dialog between the instruments. So I'm back to what is the target market, I feel I have to figure this out before I move onto a mood board because the mood changes based on who you are catering to. I wish we had the rep come in tomorrow. Back to work, so I'm going with two themes, one I think of as Ethan Allen and the second is Renaissance Festival so now let me present to you some of the core ideas behind these two.

Ethan Allen - Muted pallet that is analogous with one high contrast compliment. Texturally primitive shapes with a low pile rug feel to it(I hate to say burbur but something a little more polished). This is the Volvo/Saab crowd middle class to upper middle class but not part of the mainstream, just a little different. I'm looking at furniture and fixtures(yeah I know this isn't ID) I would like to have an elegance in simplicity and balance of form.

Renaissance Festival - The reason this mood has this title is because of how they present these things in England where it just wasn't happening. This set will be inspired by illuminated letters, celtic knots and victorian wallpaper patterns. The textures here will be flatter and have a feeling of letter pressed ornamentation featuring fine lines an flourishes. The pallet will largely be monochrome except for the addition to tints and shades of red. The will be a much richer feeling concept. The audience here are those that identify with a cultural richness in the European histories.

So after clarifying this I'm not trying to refine my mood boards and should post them tomorrow.