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>I cannot read.


So can't read what is assigned and forgot to post 3 book covers, but I have them here and ready to go, so lets start with the ugly one just to get it out of the way.

Yeah at first I couldn't read the title or any of the other copy. I'm fond of the pattern but that may be because I have trouble making them. I really question the use of a pattern so large and bold on a cover of a book by Freud and the treatment of the copy is just horrible and next to unreadable.

It's constructivist and that is about all I need. The illustration is sharp and conveys the dark overtones of Orwells work. This si clearly a cartoon for adults and also brings a vintage vibe to this book.

We have complimentary colors and a clearly related image. The First and second read are just the image and the title and I think that's how I think books should be. The proportions are great and the balance with the negative space plays very well with the entire visual.