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>And the snowman cometh


So my last hope for school this semester is me filling out more applications for loans. I won't be able to do this until tomorrow night and that really blows. It's not that classes start on friday no we are getting a winter storm and the peak will be when I need to be travelling to do the applications. I guess it could be worse I could have no hope and just cry at home.

On a brighter note I have added yet more work to Behance, the link hase been posted so many time I will forgo linking in this post. But I will instead add it to the links on the side of the blog. It is really shaping up as a center of all my work. What really sucks is the amount of work I had lost due to computer failure. But I have a shit ton more to add including my screen printing and print making work as well as 2 more books and the work I did for MADP. Yeah they get a link, so I'll be posting on here a lot more soon. Because of all this financial madness I haven't gotten around to getting sketches for the book covers up yet but I think I'll have a chance this week end at least.

PS: I wish blogger would remember how I want my copy formated.