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>The status of my studies

>So this whole fiasco with school has gotten to the Chancellor's office now and I'm eagerly awaiting update on how they can help. So here is what happened so far:

This summer took classes received a notification from financial aid that I needed to sign a document and when I went in I found out that the notice was 2 weeks after the deadline. No prior notifications had been sent to me or brought to my attention that I would need to sign other documents for summer classes. And at my previous schools there was never a need to sign additional documents to allow for the release of summer financial aid.

Oct rolls around and my financial aid award for the fall was cut and I there for had to get an endowment loan to pay for these classes. I have in the mean time tried to find a way to get those pesky summer classes paid for through hundreds of applications for any kind of grant. I was only notified later that the links I had followed were bogus and they were sites getting e-mails for spam.

After much fighting to speak to someone in the financial aid office past the front desk a friend of mine hooked me up with a friend of his who is beyond the fron desk. After much talking my only option would be a private student loan. I read through my options and applied for one and was rejected and I applied for a second and was rejected. Both suggested I get a Co-Signer. When you apply for a loan and you get rejected they can't seem to tell you what happened over the phone or through e-mail you have to wait 4-6 weeks to get their reasons through the mail.

I get the reason for rejection and check my check my credit to find out that there are charge off account listed under my name. A charge off is when a bank or some entity you owe money to sells the collections info to a collections agency, repo men of owed money. Some of these charge offs are from 2004 when I was living in California and still some how listed in KC.

I send in my protests to all the agencies about the false charges and fraudulent accounts. This take 30+ days to get their verdict. Okay so one of the 5 was removed but those that remain are large. So now I have to google the collections agencies to find their phone numbers and call each one and argue it out. The problem at this point is that no one there knows anything. One of the account I find out originates from my bank so I call them and request a fraud investigation and copies of the application(on of the other accounts had no applications on file) I get this 3 weeks later and it certainly isn't in my writing and I take it to the bank to raise more hell.

I swallow my pride and ask a friend to co-sign with me and he says yes. We fill everything out and bam! You are not cleared even with a co-signer they say. WTF and to top it off it will take another 4-6 weeks to find out why.

So there in short is what I've been doing wile I'm in school working on projects and working 4 jobs. Proof that the system will at every turn try to stop you and rape you. I'm just trying to get this shit done so I can continue school. And another funny thing is I'm now on the honor roll but there isn't any kind of grant I can apply for that would help me out because I'm not enrolled in the spring semester.

Here is the deal, set a calendar event once a year and check all three of your credit scores for free on that day and dispute shit that isn't yours because even if you get it removed it can take up to 6 months to have it removed from your credit history. Of course it only takes them a few moments to add something bad, but why in the hell does it take 6 months to remove it we are literally talking a few keystrokes and it should be gone. This whole situation has been aggravating.