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>The Magic of transparent concrete.

>So I found this article the other day. Basically it amounts to concrete that is structural but at the same time lets light through. There weren't any picture with the original article but I found some in the link above. It's pretty awesome and kinda mind bending. It's like that indicator light on the front of your MacBook Pro that flashes to let you know you're in standby. The better thing about this concrete is that it isn't just a bunch of little holes like on your MacBook Pro.

Pretty cool stuff, I now want a sun room made out of this stuff so it looks like a bunker(and I guess would act as one too) but I would still have light from outside. Okay How about we use this stuff for highway dividers and illuminate them? Re duce the glaring overhead lights and it would look like TRON. Another use is embedded lighting in structures like bridges or sculpture. Honestly I can think of tons of things I would do with this stuff and some LEDs. So if you're in the market to buy a crap load of this stuff and want to send some my way do it right now and I will blow your mind.