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>More Behance

>So I've just updated my Behance with 3 more projects and I'll see if I can get another up before the night is out. I have done some sketches for my book cover project and I'll see how that goes, I'll probably upload those onto Behance and start a project so I can keep an up to date progress of my work there.

Right now I'm working on the concepts for Moby Dick and I have to say I'm sitting on the egde of the obvious but I think that is the best jumping off point. Also I'm not going to be afraid if I use icons that might seem obvious because maybe some of them are good and that it the reason why they get reused. It's a book about a giant white whale and there is a guy named Ahab and it might be a little ridicules to eliminate the option of a whale or a salty looking dude.

And now onto Flavors.me, so at first it showed my Behance work and now not so much. So I will scour the web for a fix and if I find one before it magically fixes it self I'll post the solution right here. And speaking of Flavors.me here is mine again.