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>So I believe this is day 44 of the BP disaster in the gulf. That blows my mind completly I'm not even sure how to quantify it. My initial thoughts are about the message in cradle to cradle.

A company has cut corners and allowed catastrophe, they have no defense. What safegaurds were in place and how could they not have planned for an event like this? The phenominon isn't new hell they illustrated it in There will be blood and yet well over a month later things seem to be getting worse.

I get the sneaking suspision that nothing be really be done to BP, the fines will be minimal and the destruction beyond our wildest nightmares. Where are the protests, where are the boycotts, where is the public outrage? Is the current generation and prior ones ok with what is happening?

I have far more questions about this whole event than I have ideas or solutions. All I really know is I'm afraid, afraid of what we've lost and afraid nothing can be done about it.