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>Looking at the stadium

>So this summers work is about to begin I have a few lines on design work for the summer that I should finalize by the end of this week. All involve logo and identity systems.

Identity is one of those areas that you take on when you feel you can do it, maybe the hardest part is convincing yourself that it is do-able. Feels good to be on the verge of creating for someone else almost there keeps floating through my mind.

I am glad I have no question in my mind if taking this work is premature in my career, I feel good about the prospects. Something I should be looking into is my own identity and promotions and getting it out there.

On a bike note I'm getting more into the use of a fixed gear but it is still far from the comfort level I have with a freewheel. Stopping and getting in the cages is still an issue but it's getting better. I hate going home with weather like this it begs for me to be out riding, but I stink and I'm in dire need of a shower and change of clothes. Who knows what I'll do now.