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>First thoughts on fixed gears

Well I have finished my first ride out of the parking lot in fixed mode. Overblown is the first word that comes to mind. Scary is the second. The first difference is just trying to get my toes into the cages second is to not spot peddling.

This is tough and I feel like I've taken the girl I find beutiful and I smashed her face with a baseball bat. I don't coast a lot but I really miss it, even the moments when I'm getting my feet in the cages. I have take something I love to do and look forward to and I've made it into a chore. This all seems silly, track bikes don't have brakes for safety reasons, converse is tru about street bikes and here I am a slave to my cadence!

I have not noticed it being easier or faster running fixed. This goes contrary to what many bike jocks have told me. Am I one with my bike I would say with out a doubt, I'm a transplanted heart in a foreign body. On that note I think I'm getting rejected. I'd say the biggest issue is stopping in a timely manner, instead I'm using ever last drop of my spider senses to dodge bob and weave obstacles.

Lets get to the bones of my real issue, I can't skid stop. There I said it, I have no clue how to do it and it's killing me when I want to drop in speed. Soif I can only figure out how to do this it could change how I feel about this. The other option is adding a brake this would take some of the load off of my legs when slowing.

I'll try this as long as I can and then I'm flipping it right back IF I can't figure this stopping thing out.