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>Spring break attacks


It seems twice as hard to produce any work when I have no other work that really needs doing. Currently I'm reading Cradle to Cradle, not very far into it and I'm already finding it repetitious. I am well aware if the irresponsible nature of industry and design and how there needs to be a change and so could you have given me a separate table of contents so I know where to start reading past the preachy bits? I will give that it has an awesome design and I love that it's made from plastic. I find that it's made of plastic contrary to the purpose of the book they could have at least given me a recycle code for the book since I can't burn it and I'll feel bad if I chuck it. I will finally stress I am very early on in the book.

I have found two more sites worth visiting:

Men and Women of Industry

Images and collections of stuff like Magnum PI clothing and accessories. Kinda like Uncrate(who has been featuring contribution from this site)

Warby Parker

Glasses, and many look cool. They run about 95 for a pair and they they donate money so some one who wouldn't be able to get glasses can. Think Toms Shoes only not ugly and with out the irony. They produce in limited runs so you might need to sign up for their e-mail alerts.

Resist Today

Screen printed goods and more, limited runs and one offs. This isn't a new site to me but I think more people should know about it. Got my wallet from them(yeah I'm a snob and got a one off) and it's really cool because it is really a piece of art when ever you bring it out. I think they are so cool I wish I could get people to stare at my empty wallet longer. In fact here is my wallet.
Next up is a lot of work over the next few days wish me well and I hope my wallet will have something in it soon.