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>Saturday with out the Gym

>Well the gym was not open when I got there this morning. I just found out it won't be open until noon and I've just made plans. I spen a good portion of yesterday sketching on my computer testing out different programs and so far for just straight sketching I prefer Sketchbook Pro. I would upload a few of the pages I did yesterday but I don't feel like converting them to jpgs.

I guess I could just use jpgs for now since these are more getting to know the program than any real work. Sketchbook just came out more naturally and the whole program doesn't require much memory, the same couldn't be said about the other programs I used.

Photoshop CS4, well even with it being 64 bit and using hardware acceleration its a beast of a program and really isn't required when laying down some sketches. Maybe if you were going to render some sketches this would be a beter place to go.

Corel Painter 11 is just overwhelming to me. This could be an awesome program to use but I tend to sketch with either prisma or ballpoint pen and so that eliminates like 98% of the brushes are useless to me.

Corel Painter Sketchpad has one of the coolest concepts, sketchpads. So you have one file that you can keep adding pages to. I would say this is the in-between with painter and sketchbook. And you can chose the paper type and really fine tune the media but it lags and didn't have the smoothness that I got in Sketchbook.

So right now I'll continue working in sketchbook but I'll also use sketchpad I think it's something that can be fixed with a patch and therefore could still be an awesome program and give the ability to finish the work a little more than sketch pad. I will say this check your Wacom settings if you are running 2 monitors the stock setup spanned both screens and made circles into ellipses. So yeah that is the report on the first day I hope I get a few more days in to get a better opinion.