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Drying Out

This is work by Ashton Dewey, its an infographic that tells the story of the California drought and it's effects on their reservoir system. Some may not agree on what is the cause of this decline be it Population, Climate Change or just a lack of Precipitation but what ever the cause he has effectively illustrated the dire circus stances California and our nation will face if it continues.

The work is rich and evocative, driving home the point that our water resources are in danger. The graphs are simple and even if they don't give you an exact numerical figure they do effectively should change over time or in this case decline over time. 

Overlay is a challenging design solution and Ashton has used it very well. Some viewers might not pick up on it right away but that "photocopier" cutout behind each graph is an image treatment of each of the respective reservoirs. The read may not be obvious to all but I enjoyed it, it brought something textural to the composition that would have been otherwise dominated by clean vector lines.

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