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App Design and a New Program for Me

I've worked in app design before, I enjoy it. But previously I was locked into a workflow I wasn't too keen on. Photoshop, nothing says frustration like working in photoshop when I could be producing a better quality graphic in illustrator. Te difference is this, in photoshop I must create multiple of each item for each resolution for each platform because lets face it PS just can't cut it when dealing with vectors. Illustrator has its own set of issues but all in all I would rather be in Illustrator. But there is a new tool in my set.


First impression, low rent illustrator and reminds me of the UI of Dreamweaver. But once you start using their workflow of symbols and shape making it starts to feel like an app design rocket ship. I have wireframe 2 apps with what I'm estimating as more than 2/3 of the final screen count. I have never felt more comfortable with a wireframe as I do right now. I am free to make sure UI elements are where they need to be and because rearranging the art boards for each screen is so easy I see how each portion of the app interacts with each other. And the symbols! I can change every button in the app that shares the same style at the same time. That would have saved me days of work on the previous app I worked on.

In Short if you are looking to get into app design, get sketch. If you are a developer get with Sketch don't subject your designers to another day of photoshop agony.

The Election

I don't really know what to say.