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I took a month off from commenting on internet articles for the month of November. And I'm doing it again this time I am not reading the comments already made. It feels really weird but it makes me wonder how much of the internet actually works and how much is just there so that we think it works.

i think we are all familiar with the concept of an internet troll or someone that uses the anonymity of the internet to strike out at people. They are just getting out of hand, it's getting hard to read any comment thread with out 1/3 of the comments coming from these jerks.

Now not commenting really does lower any anxiety from trolls since they are never baiting you. But now I question if commenting actually helps at all, what purpose does it actually serve? Once upon a time I thought it might influence future content or perhaps improve the pages. But that hasn't been the case.

My first internet boycott was of Gizmodo. I'm a huge tech nerd and I was reading many sites. But these guys were getting nuts copy and paste articles drop the attribution and absolutely no copy editing. But nothing changed so I stopped reading.

So now what are the comments section really for? It drives the sites hit rates up like "like farming" and bot related posts on blogs that just display a link. Don't be fooled the comments aren't for you.