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SW_kauffman_greenSo I am here at Startup Weekend Luxembourg with a friend. I gave a pitch with about 10 minutes of prep(no I really didn't want to). I'd have to say I have given better presentations but I have also given worse with more prep. Its a concept I have been kicking around for some time and it I figured sure why not. Had a nice dinner and then after the selection of the projects(thank god not mine) we formed some groups. I opted to not join the group of my friend not because I didn't like the idea but because I wanted a project that would better suit me and the experience of working with new people. Well not all things are so smooth our group merged with another and then we lost our way. It is hard to agree on a new concept by comitee, it is always better to have a project and a clear leader. Well after some conflict we have a new project and I'm hoping in the long day ahead we will accomplish some work. Although my own workload is light I will work on another project during the night. So tonight I will research for two projects and get some design ideas and direction for both.

Nothing ever goes as planned, its how you deal with the changes and problems.