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The Process: Part 2

postercrop01So I've gone and made many side projects, how many? Too many, well almost too many. I think I'm around 10 side projects. So of of them are about making my abilities better and others are capturing a random thought. One month ago today my flat sort of burned down. This wasn't just a personal event as it was for almost 60 other people that lived in the adjoining buildings. I started thinking about the American style of dealing with it that seems rather commercial to me. You brand it, give it a logo and catch phrase and a visual. So I started to work:


I had a concept and sketched it out surrounded by people that were still trying to grasp what had happened and what we would all do next. Later that night I got down to work and finished around 3am.

Lintz Fire

What does it mean? Well for many it was somewhat uniting. For me it was a commentary, I'm an American and a designer that views these things in maybe a more cynical light. I wrapped all this up with icons and trendy style. I had branded disaster. Just about everyone that lived there at the Lintz was tagged in this poster on Facebook sure its not some sort of iconic design but it seems to have gotten bigger then I intended.