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Nothing Easy is Good

  So I continue my work on "Hawk" finishing the initial concept in Illustrator I began to import into Font Lab. And you know what I though I was getting along pretty quickly just had a few letters left to make and then some glyphs. But the one of the reasons you use Font Lab is you get an anal amount of control over every point. Believe it or not Illustrator is no where near as precise and by that nature you have to make preparations to your file before taking over the letterforms to Fon Lab. Yeah I skipped that step and wasted 2 days of work points that should have been consistant are all over the place. So I went back and remade the font completely inside of Font Lab.

To put it mildly Font Lab is not that great of a program and even though the control point and some basic features are reminiscent of Illustrator is is just about complex and and different. So far I've been piecing together information from all over the web to learn more about the program. There really isn't a good resource that bridges basic functions and advanced functions. A huge gapping hole that most users would really like to know. But enough of my Rant I could have just gone and tried Glyphs but I forgot I installed it and ran out my trial so please don't bring it up right now.


Hawk is coming along great though I just need the lowercase z(something I will do after this post) and I will have a first draft of the working font excluding glyphs. Sure I could leave it a that and call it done but I really want it to be as perfect as I can make it. So I'm mentally prepared to spend a lot of time tweeking the letterforms and adjusting the letter spacing.

This is my second font and I'm making some great headway but I'm just not sure about some of the execution I'm using right now. Oh here is a link to my first font Orpheum I'm still not ready for a release since I'm still tweaking it in light of what I've leaned from Hawk. And I'm working on two other fonts here is a preview of the next one I'm importing into Font Lab this weekend Sorry it doesn't have a name.

I've gotten the upper and lowercase done and the numbers in fact I may be farther along in the design process. I actually did the initial design in my sleep and put to gethor most if it in a few hours. Well I'm getting back to it.