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Everyone wants to be a Graphic Designer

So this isn't so much of a new happening. But really it has been something that has accelerated from the beginning of home desktop publishing. Who hasn't known the person in the office that makes the flyers and banners for the office parties. So there isn't really any shortage of people romping around Microsoft word with clip art. Other incarnations of this phenomenon are band flyers and for a long tiem these photocopied collages were seen as rather ugly and now people collect them(more because they were so disposable then any aesthetic value) and this has spawned people trying to recreate the look and feel of "grunge" don't believe me check out   GoMedia Arsenal

Sure it isn't a low-fi are those posters of yor but the basic messy idea is there. And I think bands are a great source of really bad design. Largely due to their weakness for cute girls that have a mac and really want to design their next promo poster and the members of the band who are so sure they are creative enough because of their musical talents to create some visual magic.

Here's the problem, most of these efforts are really bad and just because you have a pirated copy of the Adobe suite and a printer doesn't mean you know a damn thing about design. There has been no shortage of arguments that I or others have had when it come to the art of design. They often argue that it isn't something you need to go to school for and I might believe them if I hadn't studied and had no clue about design. The basic principals are just not there and as with anything if you produce enough you are bound to create something worth wile.

So unlike many other professions we are under a kind of attack not a personal one but on the concept of design. The more people producing bad design the harder it becomes for people able to design to effectively sell their craft. Only thing we can be sure about is people will still continue to produce absolute junk and we will continue to tun our noses up at most of it.