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Ice Cream or IcingSo upon finding out sa birthday I pledged to make cupcakes, small issue was I had never made cupcakes before. So I began to make my plans and I remembered something I had pinned on Pinterest and they cooked cupcakes in ice cream cones and caps them off with frosting. Cool idea but I hate frosting so I had to figure out a way to reduce the frosting. So I figured to cook the cupcakes with a cone stuck in. before baking I knew if I cooked them this way it would lock the cupcake to the cone and instead of a bunch of frosting I would have cake. So I used a standard sized cupcake pan and filled each spot all the way to the top and put the cones in and baked it just like the directions. I admit I used cake mix to save time and money. I made two batches one vanilla and one chocolate so 2 dozen.

Don't expect them the cook straight and you should expect them to overflow the cups a bit so you can always place a baking sheet under the pan to avoid dribbles. In the end they kinda come out looking crazy but it works out in the end. And I didn't know if they would fill the inside of the cones, guess what most of the cones ended up being full of cake!


I cooled them on a rack with the cone in the air for about an hour or so until they were cool to the touch. While they were cooling I made a butter creme frosting, one with chocolate and on vanilla I had to make something from scratch. I didn't want the frosting to be creamy because creamy just wouldn't look right. I just used a butter knife and applied in gobs. Also you can try and whip the frosting to add some texture. The final decision was to frost with the opposite flavor. After the icing is on just pour out some sprinkles on a clean plate and dip the top in them and you're done.

The final hipster product