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Commenting and Operation Redux

The funny thing about having a blog you never really post to is the bot controlled responses to the posts. My favorite is probably just simply, "I'm Gay" and you know what good just gay bot. I'm on the verge of a great trip to Europe to study design but right no I'm stuck in a battle with the government, they seem to think I'm not a citizen. What is worse is they have insulated themselves to the extent that I have no one I can talk to. It's very ridiculous that there are only a dozen passport offices and none closer than a full days drive. But back to the trip I'm trying to plan what to bring with me and what I don't need and I ran across this little blurb about Designer Andrew Hyde and the 15 items he owns. And it go me thinkings about what I really need to have with me. Too Many booksSo what do I really need? The easy start is my computer and mouse but I really count both as a single item. Phone and ipod I think I could go down to 2 pairs of pants 2 button ups and 3 t-shirts and now the list seems to go to hell. It is just not easy to figure out what you really don't need if you live in an area with seasons you'll need like 3 options per season  and from that point it al falls apart. And here is where is could be the best time to figure it out, I have a month and a half to pack my apartment and plan on what I take to Germany, and trust me when I say packing is going to be a pain. I'm roughly twice the size of any of the other people I'm going with and just as you would expect most of my things are much larger and heavier. To begin with I'll work with my book shelf it could be the heaviest amount of items I own and the biggest pain to pack and move. Wish me luck.