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Good Bye Flash

So I just took a class in Flash(formerly of Macromedia now owned by Adobe) and well it's cool but I know from my reading and trolling around the webs that it's on it's way out, css3 and html5 both offer solutions to our addiction to interactive content. Google labs has introduced Swiffy, this online app allows the conversion of flash files into more friendly html5 code. Oh but wait theres more. I'm not just saying that flash is going to die based on the naysayers no I'm going off of Adobe as well. Just a few weeks ago they released for public trial Edge this nifty little program(that is free right now) works like flash but the output is html5 and that make it viewable on most mobile devices as well as computers. I have yet to really crak it open but something pretty awesome right now is that it is free and if you ask nicely adobe will upload tutorials specific to your question. And then hot on those heals is perhaps an even more exciting development.

Web design is one of those rough areas for designers, you have to learn a decent amount of could and the process is really very far from what we are used to. So Adobe has yet another program out on public preview, Muse. You can now design a website just as you would design a layout and the tools are very intuitive and the over all is much better than working in Dreamweaver(I say this as a designer not a coder) and just like Edge you get tons of free tutorials and its free. So get on the bandwagon that frees us from the bandwidth hoggin battery burning Flash and see what you can design next.

I'm hoping in the next few weeks I can do some more work with these apps and report more on them.