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>Oh snap some more video.

>So I was not and early adopter of Apple TV and I really only picked one up because I needed to sell other things to make money and this was the cheapest device to get what I wanted done when it came to AV shit. So after months of owning it I find out there are video podcasts and I'm like whoa awesome and they are free so double awesome. And then I found out TED had HD videos I could watch through it and I've been pretty happy. So they put one up each day and they range from 5 to 20 minutes. As I am now done with classes I thought I would watch a few while I blogged some articles I ad found this month and this video came on and I just wanted to share it. It's funny and includes art and tech.

And also here is a link to his project Art Project, its basically an online art gallery with gigapixel views and metadata an is real something I've looked forward to. Technology had a promise od democratizing learning and knowledge but has always fallen short when it comes to learning about art(art history majors suck at taking photos of work) so yeah this is really exciting for me at least.