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>Into the Futura Journal 8 part1

>Type Means Never Having To Say You're Sorry: Observatory: Design Observer – Well it's futura a simple font that if you aren't paying attention seems to be an easy choice. It's funny I'm more afraid of using Univers or Helvetica more than Futura and that might be because I'm not a fan of futura. I do how ever have a soft spot for Myriad Pro, the more I use it and examine it the more I like it. It doesn't have the selection of Univers of Helvetica but it's more fun and less blocky.

So here are two of the reasons I like it, the lowercase i's and r's. In roman myriad is better then helvetica and nearly ties it with Univers what can I say I prefer something closer to a mono weight stroke and round dots on my i's.