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>GOOD Journal 10

>GOOD Home Page - GOOD – Tad showed us their work last week. They really have a great way of explaining things through the use of info graphics. The main reason for the need is the demand by the readers to have a visual analog to the data discussed in the article. I guess the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words is even more true in that instance.

My only concern with info graphics is how long are we from just reading and periodical in comic book form. The aesthetic of many of their info graphics only make me cringe more because they seem a little playful and I know that's not bad but I want a stone cold news source I don't want hugs and kisses I don't want pretty pictures I want solid writing. It has been my experience that info graphics have also been a stopgap when the content is short or crap, nothing worse than an info graphic two times the size of the article or Nazi's are worse and famine.