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>The Saga Continues

>So yeah I thought the import went too smoothly, I took all the font folders put them into a single directory and then told Font Explorer to snag them and organize them. When it wild was create some 324 entries for Helvetica Neue WTF. And I missed one of the settings where I say don't move the file but just copy it so now my fonts are rather hither dither all over the place. Font Explorer you are pissing me off and the only duplicate checking function is in the import and that failed in a most epic way. So I'm going to try and clean this up again I haven't even checked the rest of my library to see what it toasted along the way.

Okay so I figured I'd check another and Caslon is a shambles. So now I've corrected the settings and I'm trying again, this time it should not screw this up much more.