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>So now once again I have the internet at home and I can't say it has helped me yet to improve my productivity. But I can't really say I've tried to utilize it to the fullest. For now I am content at having my Netflix Streaming through my AppleTV2(I still haven't rooted it yet) that has been performing well beyond my expectations even if I haven't used it for much more than Netflix.

I've been thinking a lot about my poster project an still haven't been able to get in contact with the Cycling club so I'm just going to make an outline my self. So lets start with a mission statement and some core values.

KU Cycling Club: To promote Cycling, awareness and a healthy social atmosphere for those that are interested in the sport of cycling. These goals will be accomplished through social rides, educational seminars and participation in local and regional races.


Bi-weekly social rides beginning at Strong Hall on Fridays at 5:30pm(baring weather)(10 miles)

Weekly training rides for the more competitive on Sundays at 10am starting at the Ambler Recreation center(20 miles)

Monthly maintenance and informational meetings 2nd Fridays at the Ambler Recreation Center Bike Shop at 4:30pm.

Associated word list:

Healthy, Competitive, Social, Fit, Bikes, Roads, Races, Friends, Sunshine, The Hill, KU, Jayhawk, Groups, Parts, Eduction, Chains, Gears, Spandex, Locks, Maintenance, New Friends, Sunshine, Stronger, Miles, Tires, Spokes, Tools, Boys, Girls, Helmets, Pumps