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>Did Someone Say Logo Design?

>So our first project is to design a logo and identity system for a Kansas City Based Chamber Orchestra called SummerFest inc. So of course our first assignment is to track down 20 logos and make some mood boards and set our target market. Funny thing is I almost went to go see them more than a few times but always had to work. So I'm feeling a little odd because that means I'm in this demographic even though I don't think I am. So I've gathered up a buch of information and images to start constructing the image boards and the logos I've selected I hope can then reflect back on the target market so not only do I know who they are but I have a better idea of what the places they go to feel like.

And logos, I went racing around the internet(in my bookmarks) and found a great little piece on core77 about logo design OMFG!!! Sorry I wasn't really that excited but since this is the internet I feel it necessary to have one of those out bursts every now and again. So it's called "how to make your clients logo bigger with out making their logo bigger" and its by Michael Bierut check it out and you might learn something. So I'll get those boards together and then upload them in short order. I think I might have a little more work to do for VISC 302 still as well.