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>And here you go some Logos

>So I said I would deliver and I have! Below are some 20 odd logos, not all of them are good but are still good reference. I've found the orchestral music and museums seem to have very simple logos, that are more their name in type than a marque. I've tried to pick the logos in two categories. The first is good design and the second is relation to the client. Something else I found was that many Business in Kansas City could use with a proper logo vs much of the dreck floating around. So the images are not grouped in much of any order just trying to make them fit and legible for print at the same time.

If you spot one you don't know or don't understand just leave a comment and I will adress it in short order. And I'm almost caught up with a blog post a day but I need to keep going to see it through in the end.