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>Continuing Education

>So for the longest time I have wanted to learn 2 things, to play my guitar and learn Farsi. So I found out my computer has software I can use to tune and learn my guitar sweet! And now I've secured enough Farsi crap that I can work on that in my free time as well. So hopefully I will make the most of my free time(if I have any) and enrich myself.

Why Farsi? Well it is the spoken language of Iran and being an Iranian American it is something I feel I should know. My Father was always very busy and so I never really learned to speak it. I can understand and speak some and I used to be able to read it in basic form but it is about time I finish this and learn it. Try Easy Persian or Study Persian for free lessons.

Guitar, this thing has been the bane of me. I have friends who play and make money doing so and it has been harder than anything to get them to teach me. There was one attempt but that didn't go so well. I'm pretty stoked about it and after I got rid of a bunch of shit in my apartment I have some space to devote to these studies. I know these are both outside of my concentration of study and what work I want to do but it is my opinion that learning outside your profession can help you in the long run. I don't want to be a one trick pony with out other skills in the closet. And now those that know of what skills I do possess might suggest I'm already equipped better than most, it's never been about that for me though. I want to be better and I'm not concerned with how good some one else is I'm only concerned with my growth. And I wish that didn't sound so egotistical because I don't want it to so this last statement should suffice.