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>To Design in the 3rd dimension and to be a student.

I just uploaded even more work onto Behance and the 2 pieces I did are in my top ten works that I enjoyed to make and would love the chance to remake better. I really would like the opportunity to make more thing that exist outside of the computer and come off the page. I enjoy graphic design I just wish people could interact with my work more and perhaps change the work by their own presence. Static work in this day and age is almost elitest because it's saying here is my idea look at it it is better than you and you have little or no say in it.

Ok I don't exclusively feel that way about design but I think that some designers might understand what I'm trying to get at.

And now I'm eagerly awaiting news of the 11th hour nature. I may be back in school but I don't know as of yet but my fingers are crossed but my hope are no higher than they were yesterday. If I can that wold be great and life would be wonderful and blah blah blah. It's almost as if I've spent so much time planning what I would do if I couldn't go that the prospect of continuing is disappointing but then again I can't really say until the new final word comes in.