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>First sketches.

> So here are the first sketches of the process book for the semester I'm looking to have it post bound and I'm going to begin doing some digital mock ups and make a dummy or two. So I began with an outline of what needs to be covered allotting a page count to each section and working out how many total pages I would need. I went on and sketched out a dummy to work out the spreads and then made an actual dummy of one section with other pages like the cover page and title and table of contents.

I see this as a chance to explore some ideas I cam up with diring the semester but wasn't able to execute because of time. I used the idea of a pull out or centerfold style spread on my second process book in VISC 204 and I have made a pop up book in my drawing for design class. So I was thinking of an exploration in those directions as long at it would add to the book and wouldn't just be fancy crap for no reason.
I'm also looking for a design style or aesthetic concept for the book so I just threw down a few quick ideas and let this simmer in my head these last few days. Tonight I plan on further exploration of these concepts and research into other options. I really want to be able to make one section and replicate it for each project and then only do tweaks and modifications to enhance the visual hierarchy. I do know one of my objectives is a simple and compact design.
When looking at size solutions a landscape 8.5x11 seems to be the best compromise reducing the footprint of the gutter and increasing the total printable area. I am open to other sizes and formats, but I think from my experience this semester this first option will prove to be the best fiscal/design compromise.