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>Process Process Process

>I am in the midst of a gigantic series of upload to Behance. As pretty as the site is it is still very cumbersome as I found out today when it showed a project I should have published a few weeks ago still waiting for me to hit the publish button and that was all it needed. These works will be updated over the next few days to include better descriptions and some of my process work.

As for my DVD cases, I'm shooting them this weekend and uploading the shots as well, the flats just don't do them justice. More updates to come in the next few weeks. As well as some of the work I've been wanting to do but haven't had the time to. And of course I'm going through and reworking many of my pieces with the guidance I have received through the final crits.

My only concern now is fixing my credit score so I can get a loan to pay for the classes that are keeping me from enrolling in the next semester, so most see this as a break I'll probably be working just as much over the next 4 weeks, if not more so. Funny it will be faster for me to pay these fraudulent bills then it will be to dispute them.

UPDATE: So I was able to get the first round of my sketches up on behance and I have the beginins of my things for the Badlands project started. Just need to compile all the bits and bobs I made for both into a web friendly format, a task easier said than done.