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>This is why: Herman Miller

>Herman miller has for decades been one of the cornerstones of American Design and a pioneer in industrial design and applications f new materials. I can't say I would want to design for them but is I was able to design like they do I would be a little giddy. The picture above is of the SAYL chair. A chair utilizing a urethane web that actually varies in density through the matrix and is based on the Golden Gate bridge. This is the height of cool on so many levels and really begs the question how much is design for function and how much was design for aesthetic? Maybe the real point is that you can't really tell at first and I think in that lies the heart of good design and can be applied to all forms of design.

This was designed by Yevs Behar and with out a doubt he will be known in the furture as one of the key Industrial Designers of our time. Check out his fuseproject and be blown away. And here is a great article about the development of the SAYL chair.