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>Need 5 good things I can survey the class for to begin making info graphics. So I figure it's going to be a class filled with people wanting to ask about sleep and drinking and computer use. Those were my first thoughts and I've overheard more than a few people say the same thing. So I'm looking for something that has some depth and could offer a chance for some great visuals.

1. Marijuana use: Looking at different aspects such as frequency of use vs how often they purchase or how much they use now vs in high school. I think there is a large set of imagery we already associate it could be a fun challenge to try and go away from those and try something new.

2. Color: here I could have many options from what your favorite and least favorite are out of a sample scale to what color reminds you of what emotion and comparing the results offering many options and a colorful palette.

3. Death match: Got this idea when talking to my friend Jonathan, a series of vs situations like Ninja and Zombie. This is all just fun and a chance to doodle some fun things. Nothing here is very serious at all.

4. Paid vs Pirate: software use and how much is pirated, this could be a stand alone or juxtaposed against data on media. Many obvious images and graphics but they also seem like great starting points.

5. Social Whore: Figure usages stats for various social media including txt messaging, do you message more than one person a lot. are you a follower or do you lead the group sort of thing. Maybe I could also include a 1 to 10 scale on satisfaction with the media type.

So those are the first 5 maybe I can come up with some more.