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>This week I turned 28

>Oh the busy-ness of the last weekend, I wasn't able to to work out from Saturday to Tuesday, I think made up for it though. It started early with running(2.5miles) then yoga, I gave it a break and then went on later that day to the 20/20/20(Cardio/Strength/Stretch) and then straight to 2 hours at the boxing gym. I don't think I'll be doing 4 hours in one day again anytime soon, although I am thinking of the 20 and lift for tomorrow. I need to get this schedule down more for hoke work. I thought of a few ideas for chairs after looking at some Eames stuff, and combining it with the foam block chair.

I may still go run tonight or I might use this night as a chance to get a full nights sleep the options are still open. I'm going forward trying to push more veg into my diet I should see the effects soon, since it acts like a filler but is higher in nutrient but it's still lighter. Does that make any sense?